Writing With You

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Do you have a great idea for a book? Have you finished your first draft and need someone to spot places to improve your words? Or have you bogged down and want some coaching to get back on track?

Writing with You offers you the joy of seeing a manuscript you love become the finished product you imagined. Because writing is usually a solitary job, having an expert to assist and encourage you can keep you going all the way to the finish line.

With a background in English and theater, Jan Powell has edited and improved a wide variety of manuscripts from non-fiction to poetry and romantic suspense. Her goal is to understand your project and collaborate with you to polish it for your audience.

Not only does she offer excellent service, but many of her clients eagerly refer their friends to her. She believes that writing and rewriting should be fun, bringing energy and commitment to the task. To assure your comfort, she offers a free first edit with feedback to allow the two of you to see if you’re a good fit.

When you put your heart into a project, you deserve someone who will do the same and increase your delight by Writing with You.

Contact her for more information at janisspowell@hotmail.com.